Women's Rugby Scores Highest Points in Program History With 122-0 Victory Over Molloy

Women's Rugby Scores Highest Points in Program History With 122-0 Victory Over Molloy

FAIRFIELD, Conn.- The Sacred Heart University Women's Rugby team defeated Molloy this morning by a final score of 126-0. This is the highest amount of the points the Pioneers have recorded in a game in program history. The Pioneers return to action on Saturday Nov. 2 when SHU hosts Castleton. Kick-off is set for 1:00 p.m.

First Half

  • The Pioneers would tally 63 points in the opening half recording 11 tries. 
  • Senior Tyffany Brisbane would score the opening try for the Pioneers at 39:18 in the half and would record one more in the half coming next at 36:04 in the half and after one of two successful conversions by senior Kaylee Hale the Pioneers would take a 12-0 lead. 
  • Junior Tessa Buckey tallied three out of the 11 tries in the half finding the touchline at 27:49, 16:34 and in stoppage time at 0:00 to help propel the Pioneers to a 63-0 lead at the end of the first half.
  • Kaylee Hale, Isabel Cuddy, Allie Rinaldi, Nia Williams, Stephiane Wilson and MaKinzie Youngblood would each tally a try in the half as well.
  • SHU edged the Lions in scrums in the opening half winning four times while Molloy won three.
  • The Pioneers held Molloy to zero lineout wins in the half as well.


Second Half

  • The Pioneers would tally 59 points in the half as SHU would find the touchline nine times.
  • Kaylee Hale would go 7-9 in conversions in the half.
  • Leading the Pioneers in the second half would be freshman Isabel Keller who tallied two tries in the half. 
  • Cuddy, Brisbane, Rinaldi, Stephanie Wilson, Jasmine Quinones, Youngblood and Egan would each tally a try as well in the half to push SHU to a 126-0 victory.
  • Senior Tyffany Brisbane would lead the Pioneers in runs of 20 with five on the day.
  • Brisbane also led the team in tackles with six. 


Scoring Summary




Time           Team            Scorer                                                  Code             Assist                Score

39:18          SHU               Brisbane (K.Hale Kick NO GOOD)            Try                  -                       5-0

36:04          SHU               Brisbane (K.Hale Kick GOOD)                 Try                  -                       12-0

27:49          SHU               Buckey (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                  Try             Brisbane                 19-0

22:42          SHU               Youngblood (K. Hale Kick GOOD)            Try                  -                       26-0

19:03          SHU               Wilson (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)              Try               Keller                   31-0

16:34          SHU               Buckey (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)             Try                   -                      36-0

12:20          SHU               Rinaldi (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)              Try                   -                      41-0

09:20          SHU               K. Hale (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)             Try                   -                      46-0

03:56          SHU               Cuddy (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)              Try                   -                      51-0

01:36          SHU               Williams (Penalty Try)                           PT                    -                      58-0

00:00          SHU               Buckey (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)            Try                   -                      63-0



Halftime Score: Sacred Heart 63, Molloy 0




Time           Team            Scorer                                                            Code           Assist                  Score

38:08          SHU              Keller  (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)                        Try             Brisbane              68-0

35:06          SHU              Cuddy (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                             Try                 -                      75-0

30:20          SHU              Rinaldi (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                             Try                  -                     82-0

25:39          SHU              Keller (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                              Try            Quinones               89-0

21:35          SHU              Brisbane (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                         Try                 -                       96-0

16:25          SHU              Wilson (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                            Try                 -                      103-0

10:22          SHU              Youngblood (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                    Try                 -                      110-0

08:07          SHU              Quinones (K. Hale Kick GOOD)                        Try                 -                      117-0

02:14          SHU              Egan (K. Hale Kick NO GOOD)                        Try                 -                      122-0


Final Score: Molloy 0 , Sacred Heart 122