Wrestling Wraps Up Matches at Keystone Classic

Wrestling Wraps Up Matches at Keystone Classic

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.- The Sacred Heart University Wrestling team completed play at the Keystone Classic this morning as the team placed 10thtallying 13.5 points. The team returns to action on Saturday, Dec. 1 when they head to North Carolina to take on Davidson and VMI. 


Results (Read Bottom Up for each weight class)

125 LBS 

Devin Schnupp Penn State MD Ryan Burns Sacred Heart 16-5

Antonio Mininno (Drexel) DEC Ryan Burns (Sacred Heart) 9-7


133 LBS

Doug Zapf (UPENN) F William Bianchi (Sacred Heart) 2:10

William Bianchi (Sacred Heart) BYE

Jon Guevara (UPENN) MD William Bianchi (Sacred Heart) 13-1


141 LBS

Ryan Freidman (Harvard) TF Calvin Call (Sacred Heart) 18-2

Calvin Call (Sacred Heart) BYE

Irvin Enriquez (App. State) TF Calvin Call (Sacred Heart) 16-0


141 LBS

Travis Layton (Rider) F Gerard Daly (Sacred Heart) 4:58

Gerard Daly (Sacred Heart) F Nick Widdman (Drexel) 4:53

Gerard Daly (Sacred Heart) TF Tucker Ribman (Harvard) 16-1

Joshua Finesilver (Duke) F Gerard Daly (Sacred Heart) 5:43

Gerard Daly (Sacred Heart) BYE


141 LBS

Trevor Tarsi (Harvard) MD Hunter Adams (Sacred Heart) 13-0

Grant Aronoff (UPENN) TF Hunter Adams (Sacred Heart) 16-0

Hunter Adams (SHU) BYE


149 LBS

Zeth Dean (Harvard) F Mason Rambarose (Sacred Heart) 2:37

Brady Berge (Penn State) TF Mason Rambarose (Sacred Heart) 18-0

Mason Rambarose (Sacred Heart) BYE


149 LBS

Cole Aaron (Franklin and Marshall) F Shaun Williams (Sacred Heart) 2:05

Shaun Williams (Sacred Heart) BYE

Wilfredo Gil (Franklin and Marshall) MD Shaun Williams (Sacred Heart) 12-2


165 LBS

Michael Elliott (App. State) DEC Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart) 7-6

Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart) DEC Crew Fullerton (Franklin and Marshall) 6-4

Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart) TF AJ Geers (UPENN) 18-3

Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart) TF Maliik Marcin (Duke) 17-0

Joe Accousti (App. State) DEC Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart) 4-2

Brandon Levesque (Sacred Heart) BYE


165 LBS


Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) DEC JC Broems (Sacred Heart) 5-3

JC Broems (Sacred Heart)  BYE

Jakob Kennedy (VMI) MD JC Broems (Sacred Heart) 13-5


165 LBS


Neil Antrassian (UPENN) F Joseph Eiden (Sacred Heart) 4:56

Joseph Eiden (Sacred Heart) BYE

Micheal Elliott (App. State) MD Joseph Eiden (Sacred Heart) 9-0


165 LBS


Micheal Elliott (App. State) F Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) 1:40

Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) MD Luke Nicksik (VMI) 13-4

Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) DEC JC Broems (Sacred Heart) 5-3

Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) F Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) 0:31

Will Schmidt (Sacred Heart) BYE


174 LBS

George Walton (Rider) M FOR Anthony Falbo (Sacred Heart)

Anthony Falbo (Sacred Heart) DEC Jake Hendricks (UPENN) 4-1

Dean Sherry (Rider) DEC Anthony Falbo (Sacred Heart) 6-3

Anthony Falbo (Sacred Heart) BYE


184 LBS

Michael Fagg-daves (Rider) MD Jacob Harrison (Sacred Heart) 15-5

Jacob Harrison (Sacred Heart) FOR Jalen Laughlin (UPENN) 

Jacob Harrison (Sacred Heart) BYE

Shakur Rasheed (Penn State) F Jacob Harrison (Sacred Heart) 0:24


197 LBS

Demazio Samuel (App. State) TF Mark Blokh (Sacred Heart) 15-0 

Randall Diabe (App. State) MD Mark Blokh (Sacred Heart) 10-1

Mark Blokh (Sacred Heart) DEC Tyler Hall (UPENN) 10-6